Erick Jean Center for the Arts

The Erick Jean Center for the Arts (EJCA) is a multifunctional art facility that is owned and operated by Dorchester Arts Collaborative.  It is located on 157a Washington St. in Four Corners, Dorchester.

The EJCA acts not only as a revolving gallery, but also as a performance venue and a place where special events relating to the arts can be held. The EJCA’s conception is the result of collaborative effort between the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation (CSNDC) and Dorchester Arts Collaborative in honoring the memory and life of Erick Jean. The center was used as the staging ground for Dorchester’s first ever fringe festival during the spring of last year.

This event brought people from all over the city to experience a one of a kind series of live performances in a part of Boston that is often overlooked when it come to the discussion creativity and cultural richness. As a result of this event (and others like it), Four Corners residents, businesses, and social organizations have become more supportive in using art and culture as a catalyst for change and development.  DAC is hoping to repeat these ideals with the help of this grant initiative.

There are many undiscovered and untapped cultural assets in this community and the center has played a vital role in identifying and showcasing these talents.

You can even rent our space and host your performance, exhibit or workshop!